When someone dies, with or without a will, Wisconsin law requires a legal proceeding to settle the estate if the person owned property. This proceeding is called "probate". The probate proceeding MUST take place in the county where the deceased lived. Property includes bank accounts, vehicles, a home, etc. The Personal Representative is the person either named in the will or appointed by the court to:

  • Collect, inventory, and value all of the property of the deceased person
  • Protect the deceased person’s property
  • Pay debts, administration fees, and taxes (this includes State and Federal income and estate taxes)
  • Distribute the person’s property either according to the will or by statute if there was no will
A personal representative may wish to turn to a lawyer for professional legal advice related to the probate process. In Wisconsin, the personal representative is free to hire any attorney of choice; this need not be the lawyer who drafted the will.

Gustafson Gervasi Law Office, LLC provides legal advice, at an hourly rate, to a personal representative going through the probate process. If you would like more information on these services or to inquire about the hourly charge, please call 608-274-7192 or email Melinda@gustafsonlegal.com